What We Do

ManagedBlock Capital is an investment firm that manages private funds related to blockchain assets and its subsequent technologies. The firm actively manages its asset portfolio to aim for high returns in the volatile blockchain market.

ManagedBlock Capital established its blockchain assets under management from strategic and early stage investments various digital assets. In addition, the firm intends to hold diversified investments in blockchain mining infrastructures as a way to aim to mitigate volatile risks

ManagedBlock Capital is made up of a team that saw the future of blockchain and its subsequent technologies. The firm focuses its investments primarily in the blockchain ecosystem and industry, including Proof of Work and Proof of Stake infrastructures.

The materials on this website are for illustration and discussion purposes only and do not constitute an offering. An offering may be made only by delivery of a confidential offering memorandum to appropriate investors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


In late 2013, the price of Bitcoin surged[1] , but we believe it had only just scratched the surface of its of potential for blockchain technology.

We believe the value of Bitcoin is what made the public interested in blockchain technology, but we believe there are many more applications of blockchain technologies beyond just cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

One of these emerging blockchain technologies, 'smart contracts', which we believe has the potential to replace brokers and middlemen one day. Smart contracts consist computer protocols and source code in a blockchain such as Ethereum that trigger actions to take place once certain conditions are met between network peers. These contracts do not require supervision or middlemen to execute.

Because it can be publicly verified, audited, and enforced on actions through the blockchain, we believe smart contracts have applications for transa ctions, legal documents, finance, crowdsourcing, or for anything that requires the logic of contractual clauses.